"The imagination is unleashed by constraints. You break out of the box by stepping into shackles."



Let’s start by talking about how you choose an embroidery kit.

I’m betting that before you dig into the practical considerations of embroidery kit price and contents, you’re drawn first to the imagery and color and styling in a design.

And how that imagery and color and styling makes you feel.

And what it gets you thinking about.

I’ve been surprised to find that many people, upon seeing our animal embroidery kit, start telling me how they’ll be giving the dog a spot or changing color–because of what this imagery means in their own life.

We are each drawn to imagery that resonates with our experiences,and with our aspirations. We are drawn to stories we want to stitch.

Those could be stories of your past. Or they could be imagined stories of your future.

Maybe you’re thinking: Wait a minute! I simply like romantic florals / southwestern landscapes / modern cacti / Audobon-styled birds / bold word art / vintage houses / realistic cats.

OK. Maybe that’s true.

But what if you thought about it THIS way:


As you embroider, you spend time with the stories of your past:



When you prepare your fabric in your hoop, and thread your needle, and make the first stitch, and then the next stitch, you’ll find your mind wandering, making connections to events in your life and the images you’re rendering. You’ll spend time with the stories of your past.

As I first designed and stitched Art Embroidery Kits, I remembered time spent in my Grandma Hendrickson’s last home, a small white house with sprawling gardens.

As I stitched Catnap, I remembered time with my Grandma Hodge and the cats she pampered. I also thought about quilts and my Aunt Pat who made the quilt on my bed. And I thought of a dear friend who was quilting her way through significant life changes at the same time I was comfortably engrossed in my embroidery.

See how that goes? Memories are triggered by image and color, and stitching gives you the time to explore those memories.


As you embroider you spend time with the stories of your future


It isn’t just stories of times past that you spend time with as you stitch. The essence of the design in Sea Of Flowers Embroidery Kits is that it prompts you to think not only of home but of faraway lands–of mountains and cities that are just out of reach at the moment. It prompts you to think of both the familiar and the new. And the new gets you venturing into the future territory.

Just who is flying that banner with hearts over the house? Each of us will have our own story about that. As I stitched this design, I thought of the cruise our family skipped because of the pandemic and imagined when we might travel together again.


As you embroider you are stitching the story of your life at this moment


The people and places and situations in your life right now become a part of the piece you are stitching. You run the needle down through the fabric. You pull it back up. And you cannot help but find the worries and pleasures and questions that are a part of your daily life threading through these minutes and hours of stitching.

When you look back at a finished piece year from now, it will remind you of these moments in your current life. You’ll see it and recall time spent stitching on the porch while your kids played nearby or your roommate washed the car or your neighbors stopped by as they walked their dog. Or maybe you’ll recall time spent tucked away from everyone lost in stitches. Or maybe you’ll recall the flight you were on while you stitched. And along with those specifics of setting, there’s a good chance you’ll recall the circumstances and stories of life at that time.


Just in case you need a storytelling boost


Because we believe that storytelling and embroidery should be intertwined, the imagery in our kits is designed to remind you of stories past, to prompt you to consider future stories and to engross you in the current story of your life.

Every Embroidery kit comes with its own storytelling prompts to spur your thoughts.

This woodland gallery puts fox and rabbit, bear, deer, and owl all above a shared mantle. As you stitch, think about the portrait galleries you could assemble from your own life. Family or close friends are obvious selections, but what are the unexpected communities you’ve been a part of? Your book club members? The online video gamers you talk to every night? Neighbors? Teammates? Who would you collect? And what setting would reflect this group’s connection?

Get started merging stories and stitches today with a Fabulous Sewing Embroidery Kit.