Do you like the look of patchwork garments? You're not alone, patchwork has become an increasingly popular trend in the fashion industry.

Patchwork In the clothing industry, is an especially important technique for designing clothes. This reflects itself in the diverse patterns of current fashion trends. Unlike the general design principle of contrasts and equilibrium, patchwork gives each piece of clothing a distinctive character. The combination of different fabrics and colours helps you create a style of your own.

Following are some of the popular patchwork items trending in the market.

Patchwork Nehru Jackets

I am in love with Patchwork Nehru Jackets this season. What makes them perfect is the use of contrasting colours and fabrics which give them a more 'masculine' look.

We've all seen these vibrant patchwork Nehru jackets adorning one of our favourite Bollywood stars and wondered how to craft the same for ourselves. Well it's no more a mystery, there are ample no. of options online to shop for a patchwork Nehru Jacket at affordable prices.

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Patchwork Dresses

Patchwork Dresses are here to stay. They have been around for a little bit of time, but we have yet to get enough of it. These dresses look super adorable and you can style them as you like. Patchwork Dresses are great for all ages, seasons and occasions. Whether you will wear them with sneakers or heels or just a sandal, they still look great. Patchwork Dresses are just there to please your eyes and make you feel good! Although I do prefer the varieties of colours for these dresses, you can play around with these styles according to your mood and occasion.

Patchwork Bags
Patchwork bags are all the rage and with good reason. They're cool, unique and are bursting with personality.

Patchwork bags are one of the most beautiful bag creation styles around. The beauty of patchwork is that you can really do it with almost any type of fabric you like. Fabric could be geometric print, an art-inspired design or an abstract item, there is always a patchwork technique to create beautiful fabric combinations.Patchwork bags are a great project for creative DIYers who want to take their skills from sewing basic handbags to creating trendy yet practical, one-of-a-kind bags.

Patchwork Kurtas

Patchwork kurtas have been a trend ever since they were introduced by Ritu Kumar in 1996.

Patchwork kurtas have made inroads into the international fashion arena establishing its place as one of the most favourite Indian ethnic wear.The patchwork kurta made from a mix of materials and styles, these kurtas feature a great deal of variety in their pattern work and designs. 

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Patchwork Quilts

I've always loved patchwork quilts.I just adore the concept of using scraps and to create a masterpiece.

Handmade quilts are items that are treasured and handed down through generations. Traditional quilts were made with a range of different colours, fabrics and textures. Nowadays, you can also find patchwork quilts in a variety of prints, geometric, cartoons etc.

Patchwork quilts are a hobby that has been around for hundreds of years. Let it not die and continue experimenting with different fabrics design and colours and cherish the tradition forever.

Explore the world of Patchwork fashion and keep the spirit of Fashion alive.

Happy Experimenting :)