Shrink plastic jewelry is such a versatile medium. With very little in the way of special equipment (you'll need a heat source for the heating and shrinking), you can create beautiful elements which can be used to make jewelry, decorations, and accessories. 

The magic of the heat shrink film is that it can be customized into any pattern or shape you want. Shrink plastic is the truly amazing crafting ingredient that everyone needs to have a play with at some point in their crafting adventure. Warning – this craft is highly addictive! 


1:First, draw your design out onto your shrink plastic, making sure that you draw on the rough side. You can use templates or go freehand.

2:After the pattern is drawn, use your whole punch to make a hole in the top – this is where your charm will hang. Carefully cut out around your design.

3:You can pinch the shape you want while the temperature is still high, and put the surface with UV glue for decoration and protection. Finally, put on the string and a DIY keychain is finished.

Next, let's watch the following tutorial videos. Please wear heat resistant gloves during the shaping process to avoid burning your hands.

The following drawings are included in the toolkit, you can browse through the purchased toolkit to find the drawings corresponding to the accessories you want to make.

Ginkgo Leaf Earrings

French Iris Brooch


Coquelicot clip

Shrink Sheet-Petal forming, fixed fulcrum, winding full tutorial

 Twisting and knotting tutorial

 Fixing the main body and the clip