Hi, fellow quilt lovers. Today we will share some tips for creating a gorgeous pineapple  quilt in less time! The finished quilt measures 40" x 50".



One of the main reasons I had fun with this pineapple die was because I LOVE how it is labeled with letters on it! I found it to be very nicely done and then easy to keep track of pieces!


How to die cut pineapple quilt blocks:
1, Creative Quilt Cutting Template Set
2,1/2 yd of black
3,1 1/2 yds of solid white and about the same in scraps
4,5/8 yd in blue plus 1/2 yd for binding (also blue)


For the backing quilting fabric, I was able to use a WOF. It ended up being tight for me so just be careful if you want to go that route.

From the black, I cut out (12) "A" squares and (48) "B" triangles.

In my case, I used scraps so I didn't need to cut strips.



Cut 5 white 7 1/2" WOF strips and fan fold. The next section of the die is "B,D,E,F" where I cut out 48 of each. The last section is "C,E,F,G" and I used random scraps and cut out 48 of each as well.

I used any color I could think of, except for white or beige. I was concerned those two colors would be too close to white, but I did use some black prints. 



TIP: I used a plastic bin to keep track of the piles and keep them away from little fingers! Someone did get into these while I wasn't in the room and I had to re-sort them. My fault for not putting a lid on it!

You may notice I did cut 2 1/2" white strips for the inner border because I had the fabric already cut out.



First, sew the white "B" triangles to the middle black "A" squares. I love how the dog ears are cut off, so everything matches up perfectly! I can't say enough good things—thanks to AccuQuilt for making these cuts so simple to make. Otherwise, I'd have to continually trim and cut the dog ears. 

Second, you'll want to iron toward each new piece, adding as you're making the block, unlike many tutorials that have you iron the seams open.



Here's all 4 added and it looks perfect!



Add the colored "C" pieces, and again the dog ears are cut off so it matches perfectly!



Here's all 12 blocks with colorful patterned fabric "C" shapes added. What great fun scrappy-ness!



Add the white "D" shapes, which are similar to the patterned "C" shape fabric, but the side dog ears are different because now the edge is angled and not straight as above.



 Here's all 12 blocks done.



Follow up by repeating the same process as steps 3 and 4, but add your next colored "E" shapes to each block.



Keep going and add the white colored "E" shaped fabric.



As you can see, the farther along you get with each step, the pattern comes to life. Keep going by adding colored "F" shapes! These blocks look so colorful now and SEW much fun!!



Follow with the steps above and add the white "F" shapes. Can you find the little mermaid head? It's so cute, but don't feel you have to use that exact design. Use anything that fits your style!



You're almost finished! Lastly, connect the colored "G" shapes to each block as shown below.



Finish up by adding the black "H" triangles. Keep an eye on your values so the pattern emerges and is consistent throughout.  



I recruited my teenage daughter to lay out the 12 blocks on the wall in a 3x4 layout. It was highly scientific! (no just totally random) I just told her to watch for fabrics that need to be right side up, like the mermaid :).



Okay, so maybe I swapped a few blocks around—shh! Don't tell her!



The white inner border is made from 2 1/2" strips, sides are 40 1/2" and top and bottom pieces are 34 1/2".

The blue border is 3 1/2" and the sides are 44 1/2" (so made from 1.5 strips) and top and bottom are 40 1/2".



I made the binding from 6 strips, but had a whole strip left over, plus a tiny bit, so I cut 6 just to be on the safe side.



I quilted in the ditch sort of on the pineapple blocks and then bubbles on the white border and a ribbon on the blue.



I think the back looks so fun!



Hope you try it.


If you have more questions, you can contact our official email:info@fabuloussewing.com

We're always happy to answer questions and definitely want you to be successful with your sewing!

Have fun!