I’m so happy to announce a NEW quilt pattern! Can you tell I’ve caught the quilting bug??


I hope you have too after watching my blog. It walks you through ALL the quilting steps from beginning to end. So you CAN DO IT.




This new pattern is called the SPLENDOR QUILT.
It comes in 5 quilt sizes with an added bonus: the pattern includes a cute pillow sham in Standard US + King sizes, so you can make a complete bedding set.



I really love making this quilt and I hope you do too! The Fabulous Sewing celebrates the splendor of color as it moves through the spectrum. And this version just screams summer. Makes me want to sit poolside with friends, sipping something cold and delicious.


What I love most, is that it’s the perfect design to showcase an entire fabric collection, or to use solids and basics. 


I loved it so much, that I expanded the pattern to 5 sizes, up to King, then added two Pillow Shams, and packed in even more info and tips. I really hope you feel like I’m sitting there next to you as we sew.



If you’ve never made Flying Geese before, no problem! The instructions explain what Flying Geese are, why they’re called that, and how to make them, step by step, so you’ll be flying solo with ease.



Okay….I’ve rambled enough. Grab the Creative Quilting Cutting Template in my shop.

Have fun sewing!