One of my favorite go-to patterns is Cranberry Patchwork Quilt.

It is so simple to use with quilting patchwork fabrics for a quick and easy assembly!

I just love this quilt, and can't wait to share a new version of its design with you.



Recently, I made this quilt to celebrate my mother's birthday.



To get started, grab all your supplies!
Sewing Tool:
1, creative quilting cutting template
2, rotary cutter
3, folding cutting mat
4, quilting patchwork fabrics


There are three various sizes, for this quilt, so please choose your favorite, and cut your fabrics accordingly.



Start with large squares C (light fabric) and D (dark fabric) using.



From the "quilting patchwork fabrics" l, select your strips in light and blue for 9-patches. 

Tip: If needed or you would like to blend collections, from our quilting patchwork fabrics to get more



Some of the strips we will sew into sets of dark, light, dark and you will press your seam allowances towards dark. Follow the pattern for the exact requirements for the size quilt you chose.



Some strips we will sew into sets of light, dark, light. And again, press seam allowances towards dark and follow the pattern for the exact requirements for the size quilt you chose.



Cut sections from your strip sets with a fresh rotary blade.



Arrange 2 dark and 1 light strip sets to create a 9-patch.



Sew units together and continue to push seam allowance towards the dark fabric to make your 9-patch. If needed, trim your block to the correct size.



Select and arrange light squares, red squares, and 9-patches following the layout in the pattern.



On The Last - Happy Quilting!



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