I. What's in the box



Come with exquisite packaging, Our 32Pcs sewing machine presser foot will be the best gift you have ever received, and it is the most suitable gift for your family and friends.


II. How to attach the feet to your machine

1,Changing the Presser Foot

Removing a presser foot: Raise both the needle and the presser foot lever. The way to remove the presser foot depends on the brand of machine you have. Sometimes it snaps off, but with most machines you have to push a button or lever on the presser foot holder. Consult your machine’s user manual to find the way to remove the presser foot. Attaching a presser foot:


Place the bar of the presser foot to align under the holder (2). Gently lower the presser foot lever so the presser foot bar (3) slides into the shank (2) in the presser foot holder (1). You may have to try a couple of times before it snaps in. If your presser foot holder has a lever or button for release, it may be necessary to pull/press it to facilitate snap-on.
Remember to be gentle with this process, no forcing is needed when the bar is correctly aligned.
The presser foot holder can look different on your machine, this picture is from a Brother sewing machine.


2,Using the Low Shank Snap On Adapter

If you have a low shank machine but no snap-on feet the adapter is for you. Use the bonus low shank snap on adapter to give the ability to use all the feet in this collection.

Step 1: attach the bonus adapter (B) to your machine’s shank (A) with the holding screw (C).
Step 2-3: place the presser foot under the bonus adapter, lower the presser foot lever so the presser foot bar (F) snaps into the opening in the bonus adapter (E)
Step 4: push the red button (D) at the back of the bonus adapter to release the presser foot from the adapter.


3,Attaching the screw on feet in this set


To use the following feet you have to remove the presser foot holder/bonus adapter:
14 - darning foot
18 - gathering foot
20 - adjustable zipper foot
23 - darning foot
You can remove the presser foot holder/bonus adapter following the steps in the picture at the left.


4,Bernina Adapter - Optional Extra

If you bought this set together with a bernina adapter you will have to attach the adapter to your machine just like you attach a Bernina presser foot.
Step 1-2: attach the adapter (A) to your machine, just like you attach a normal presser foot. Note: This makes your Bernina machine, a low shank machine. Now you can use the adjustable zipper foot, the gathering foot and the two different darning feet.
Step 3-5: To use the other feet you attach the bonus adapter to the Bernina adapter as pictured and explained in detail at the Bonus Adapter section above.



III. Description and use of the different feet