Bead weaving refers to the technique of weaving glass beads into works with a "bead weaving machine", which can be glittering rose corsages, ribbon-like brooches, geometric clutches, and paintings that never fade; Bead weaving combines the traditional weaving technique of warp and weft, and replaces wool with glass beads.

The bead weaving machine is not only a tool for weaving all kinds of jewelry, but also a kind of wit and wisdom of human beings, so that beginners can easily DIY their own unique jewelry, so that those who know can weave more exquisite patterns, and make people more interested People weave more love surprises and romance, and let simple accessories give different meanings to life
How to use the bead loom
1: First we assemble the bead weaving machine, fix the nails at both ends with the braided thread, and wrap the braided thread on the bead weaving machine, think about the length and width of the jewelry you want
2: Draw the pattern of the style you want on the drawing and make your own unique jewelry

3: Use beads and beaded thread to shuttle back and forth on the beading machine
4: Prepare the accessories you want. After the weaving is completed, fix it with the accessories and you are done.
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Installation tutorial of bead loom

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Bead loom threading tutorial

Bead Loom Finishing Tutorial

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